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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  October 26, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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vote. the presidential candidates continue their fight for battle ground states including north carolina where they'll be today. noticeably cooler today but it won't last too long. elizabeth will tell us how cold it will get and when to expect a warm up. good morning. it's 8:00. thank you for joining us. imrenee chou. >> and i'll bill leslie. 11 more voting days in north carolina, including today and more than half a residents have already cast their ballots. >> we continue to hear complaints from folks who use touch don't machines. mikaya thurmond has more on the issue and what voters can do about it. >> reporter: renee and bill, we have heard from voters for both hillary clinton and donald trump saying that the touch screen machines show a
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they selected. it's called a calibration issue. roughly a quarter of north carolina's counties use this system. so here's what you need to do if you notice an issue. first, raise your hand and notify an election official immediately. if necessary, you may be moved to a different machine. also, check your selections carefully to ensure the accuracy before finalizing your ballot. finally, review your realtime selections. touch screen machines are tested thoroughly before each election before voting begins but as always, you need to watch them closely. bill and renee? >> mikaya thurmond, thank you. donald trump will be in the area today and hillary clinton returns tomorrow. >> as tracie potts reports, the candidates are heating up in
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you're crazy. >> reporter: donald trump is taking a break from must-win florida and fund raising is slowing down. but hiss financing chair tells the washington post, he is still raising money online. >> she wants to double down on obamacare and make it more expensive. >> reporter: trump said most of his workers were hit with higher costs and corrected that most of his workers are not on obamacare. clinton admits rising premiums are a problem and so are her e- mails after president obama admitted that he knew about her private e-mails. >> it's going to be a close election. pay no attention to the polls. don't get compliesent.
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florida by a few points. >> it will take a clicking final 2 weeks for him to get to 270. >> reporter: with trump's money slowing down, a republican super pac is powering $25 million into senate races hoping to hold on to control in congress if they lose the white house. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. all this week, we're on the road across nort talking to voters about the issues important to them. and tonight, bryan mims talks with voters about immigration, their questions and concerns tonight on the 5:30 news. authorities in johnston county are looking for a third suspect wanted after a chase and an exchange of gunfire with deputies. 23-year-old gerald holmes, and 19-year-old datrel lyons are charged with attempted murder.
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for speeding and the car took off. during the chase, the deputy and suspects fired but nobody was hurt. time for another tar heels traveler special. scott mason takes to the rails. north carolina has so many great stories about trains. the tar heel traveler celebrates tonight at 7:00 on wral. be sure to watch or set your dvr. you know if it's scott mason -- >> it's going to be great. >> it's going >> and you know if it has anything to do with choo choo, renee chou will be watching. [laughter] >> a lot of trains around north carolina, and that's fun to see. blue skies over downtown durham with a hint of clouds. for the most part, lots of sun and that continues. today and tomorrow, cloudier and then more sun.
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temperatures, we got down at the airport down to 39. it's warming up now. and 40 in durham and 40 in wake forest. town by town, 31 in goldsboro and fayetteville and 36 in southern pines. by lunchtime, we'll warm up to 61 and a high of 67 with temps just a touch below normal, pretty much what we will be seeing for this time of year. the weekend, highs in the 80s, above no close to a record high. i'll check that out coming up. meantime, over to brian. indeed. 8:05 with an earlier crash on page road at i-40 and it was enough to trigger onlooker delays. look at the big red line on the southwest side of raleigh up to 540, and thas a 17-minute ride right now been wade and 540. add several more minutes
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are talking big backups. and also because of the stalled traffic on 40 westbound, very heavy delays on outbound wade at oberland road, well inside the beltline interchange. and also because of the backups on wade avenue, ramp delays on 440 westbound beginning at glenwood down to wade. it will be a while to get that we are seeing traffic flowing freely before too long. eastbound i-40, congestion at 54 to the durham freeway interchange and the freeway is getting busy in both reactions between downtown and rtp. typical stop and roll traffic. an accident 98 at stoney hill road, very heavy traffic on the westbound side and in
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westbound side of the knightdale bypass, not far from the 540 interchange. a backup developing there. back to you. >>thank you, brian. students at princeville elementary school will return finally, after two weeks from the devastating flooding from hurricane matthew. princeville leaders tell wral they met to discuss making it mandatory tow build future homes at least 2 feet above ground. here is another sign of progress. recovery centers will soon close, nash and wilson county will close tomorrow. federal and state representatives will still be able to help storm victims at the other 11 locations including cumberland, edgecombe, harnett, johnston, lenoir, and wayne counties.
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to reach out and help those trying to recover from hurricane matthew. wral is helping with a couple of buses that are parked and just waiting for you to come out and fill them up. >> this is all part of an effort with go triangle, the united way, and rdu international to collect much- needed supplies to get them to the families who are hurting in the flooded areas. lena tillett joins us live from carter-finley stadium lena? >> reporter: good morning, bill and renee. many of you viewers have asked what can they do to help? they want to find a way to contribute to the storm victims of hurricane matthew, and many of them are just beginning to feel the true weight of hurricane matthew, and princeville residents will be out here to assess the damage.
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storm relief bus, folks are coming by with items in bulk, not just a couple of items but a lot of items with paper goods and cleaning supplies which are critical. toiletries which will be really, really helpful for residents who may not be able to use their water. canned goods, diapers, helping to have clean up and recover after the st said they found out about this over the on wral or on the website and said you know what? before i go to work or after i leave work, i will stop and pick up items. one woman put it beautifully saying if it happened to me, i hope that someone would help me as well. >> we are so much more fortunate than them.
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>> reporter: so we in carter- finley stadium's lot a. we'll be here until 7:00 tonight. you have plenty of time to get here. immediately after 7:00 on tomorrow morning, volunteers will get on the same bus wherever they can find a seat and distribute this at nash county, edgeco other affected counties. it will immediately go to folks in need. bill and renee? >> great to hear and great to see that. donations, let's keep them coming. lena, carter-finley stadium, lot a. up next, we'll talk with our go ask mom editor about the
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it's a situation that will make any parents' heart drop. what a homeowner plans to do
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when i saw the attacks on roy cooper about the crime lab, i had to come forward. those ads are not true. i'm a survivor of sexual assault. it was mr. cooper who supported me when we went to the state legislature to get more funding for rape kits. and even after he fixed the problems in the crime lab, he's been there for me time after time ever since. it's hard for a crime victim to speak out. but roy cooper is a good man. a new series of commercials in an effort to reduce underage drinking. >> they're designed as gut
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and joining us this morning, our go ask mom editor. good morning. >> oh, yeah. that--oh, that gets me like every time. it's just that they are really gut punches. >> and it's an awareness thing to make parents say, all right, you need to sit down and have a conversation with kids. >> this is a tricky one. it's like how do they have a conversation like that when earlier they were just having a glass of wine? the key is conversation because it's very serious, and kids' brains are different from adult brains. they are still forming and still developing. and alcohol can have a serious impact on them and a lot of kids are drinking very young. >> how do you open the door? >> well, t needs to start in middle school.
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to start earlier e.. take peaceful moments. you see people on tv drinking too much, talk about that. model appropriate drinking in your own home and then once you -- starting at age 10, it's a good time because a lot of kids, the average age they start drinking is age 14. you need to have a conversation really in middle school, very serious conversations about why it's a bad >> just to be able to talk about this. >> and the kids need to hear if from mom and dad. >> search says that they want to hear it from their parents and how the teen brains are wired differently and why alcohol has a different impact on it. >> all right. sarah a thank you very much.
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other moms, just search mom on an investigation underway at australia's largest theme park. >> what we're learning north carolina used to make education a priority. we all understood the importance of having good schools. es. we rank 44th in spending per student. drop-out rates have gone up for the first time in 8 years. we're 41st in how much we pay our teachers. there is a textbook shortage. and pat mccrory has cut 3,000 teaching assistants from the early grades. he may have given tax cuts to millionaires,
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they will help the hurricane victims. >> a concert next month, november 18th and 100% of the proceeds will go to >> what a wonderful gift. >> carolina in their song. it sure feels like fall this morning. perfect, perfect carolina day for us. just below 70 for the high today. we will have warmer temperatures ahead for the weekend. what is ahead? it's chilly outside as you step out and much cooler across the area especially from raleigh
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line but from the triangle area southward, it will feel cooler. here comes the cold front that arrives tomorrow. we have been tracking that for a few days and a little rain for the front. we didn't need any rain but we are drying out a little. a lot of folks planted grass seed and it's been dry for the last several weeks. so in terms of where we are okay. we are looking at temperatures in the 80s, well above normal for this time of year. the tall tower cam, a beautiful shot. 36 in roxboro and 39 in south hill and 36 in southern pines with temperatures in the low
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change is most noticeable down south. 13degrees cooler in southern pines and 10 degrees cooler in fayetteville than this time yesterday. you will notice not as big a change from raleigh to suggest -- south hill. this is the front that arrives here tomorrow. and most of the energy and moisture will go way up to the north. so we have the tail end of the front acrossing in north lift or energy but it's possible we would have an isolated thunderstorm mainly east of the triangle, along and east of i-95 and northeastern north carolina. today, great. and tomorrow morning, we'll cloud up fairly early. 7:00 and gray early and maybe patchy fog tomorrow morning. but rain today, not likely to
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then it will shift eastward and then just a slight chance of rain. the chance may be better along and east of i-95. but it's not going to be much rain with it. 74 tomorrow but it will be more cloudy than today. a 20% chance of rain in the evening and overnight, a 30% chance. we're talking a .25" or less, .1" or less. yes, the baseball season is over but there is a fan fallfest. temperatures, 11:00, 74, and we will hit 81 on saturday and 83 on sunday, and that will be close to a record which is 86. the normal is 69. so we will be well above normal for saturday and sunday and cooler as we head into next week. it looks like a nice night. the halloween forecast, a high
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back to you. >> thank you very much, elizabeth. australia's biggest theme park will re-open friday after a deadly accident. two women and two men died when two rafts collided on a river ride at dream world and they were trapped underneath the raft. two children thrown from the raft died. a florida homeowner said if burglars hit his house again, he will be ready for them. take a look through the living room of his house where his two grandchildren were sleeping. the burglar walks around looking for something to steal. a cell phone was taken with a gun, wallet, and credit cards. the homeowner has installed new locks and will add more lights. $29 for a pack of water. >> the attorney general is
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matthew. and wral is partnering with other businesses and organizations to help people recover from hurricane matthew. we'll check in with lena recover from hurricane matthew. we'll check in with lena tillett live where we are narrator: it's all connected. richard burr wrote a plan to privatize medicare, making you pay more. and richard burr got one point one million dollars from the insurance industry. richard burr was one of just three senators to vote against banning insider trading by congress. and richard burr voted to raise his own pay... seven times. richard burr. twenty years in washington... serving himself. dscc is responsible for the content
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it's called "the snake:" a long, skinny congressional district drawn along i-85 to segregate african american voters. "the snake" and others like it were drawn by state legislators as a partisan power grab. and justice bob edmunds? he wrote the decision supporting his party's discrimination. and said the power grab was all about race.
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it's i'm renee chou. we begin with traffic troubles in the triangle. brian shrader? it's going to be a slow ride in raleigh at rtp. we had an earlier accident at page road and the trip from wade to i-40 is 12 minutes. the good news is it's gradually
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slow traffic from rock quarry road out to the airport and the park, and because of that, slow traffic on outbound wade and 440 westbound is slow. be patient. durham is looking pretty good on major routes. back to you. >>thank you, brian. north carolina elections officials are encouraging voters to double check their ballots after receiving complaints about electronic voting machines. the complaints involve touch screen machines used for early voting. no guilford county couple will be charged for taking their baby out of a hospital. the amber alert was issued, and the baby was found last night with his mother. nothing but sunshine in store, elizabeth. beautiful, but cooler in places than yesterday. gorgeous but look at the blue skies over south hill. check out the temperatures. 40 in south hill and 36 in roxboro and 41 in fayetteville.
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probably one of the coldest mornings we'll see in the next 5 to 6 days. mid-70s on thursday and friday and an approaching front on thursday will bring us more cloud cover and a small chance of rain late thursday and thursday night. renee? >> thank you, elizabeth. still ahead on fox 50, we're filling a bus with items needed by flood victims.
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welcome back. 8:29. the latest polls show north carolina could go either way in this presidential election. >> so the candidates are really focusing's a lot of attention in our state. donald trump in charlotte and kinston, and bill clinton will be here campaigning for his wife, and mikaya thurmond is trying campaigns today. >> reporter: that's right, bill. there will be a total of five stops in our state. bill clinton will campaign for his wife, hillary, in wilmington, pembroke, and fayetteville. these are the last appearances of the stronger together bus tour. he is expected to encourage voters to take advantage of 1- stop early voting and check the
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underway for the return of presidential candidate donald trump in north carolina. he'll stop in charlotte first for an event that is closed to the public before heading to a rally in kinston held here in a hangar. more than 6,000 people have signed up to attend. gates open at 4:00 p.m. and the event starts at 7:00. obviously, kinston is hardest-hit areas. >> mikaya thurmond, thank you very much. attorney general roy cooper is investigating numerous alerts of price gouging. >> enterprise rental cars, going up from $30 to have roughly $60 in fayetteville, lumberton, elizabeth city, and boone, and motel rooms and
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room that runs $90. >> a budget inn in gastonia is accused of charging a room for $300 a night and a circle k charging $29 for a pack of water. the attorney general's office said it received 183 complaints of price gouging. reside have until today to apply for food benefits. this comes as we are learning 13 new counties can apply for benefits starting tomorrow. in the viewing area it includes edgecombe, moore, nash, wake, washington and wilson. more than 11,000 hurricane matthew flood victims received their benefit cards over the weekend. you can help fill the storm
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neighbors to recover from hurricane matthew. lena tillett is live at carter- finley stadium in raleigh to show us how it works and how people are donating already. >> reporter: good morning, bill and renee. all the items on the go triangle storm relief bus are going straight to the victims who could really use our help and people have been donating in bulk. canned goods will be extremely essential. in wilson county, the food pantry is actually depleted. so they definitely need to refill and any cleaning supplies you can drop off, paper goods but i want to tell you something really, really special that just happened and turn around here. but a guy just pulled up in a
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potato chips, boxes and boxes of potato chips. he is the owner of carolina kettle chips and his mother was watching wral and said, money, you need to do something to help the victims. you need to make a mark, and that's exactly what he did. all of these boxes that surround me right now are potato chips, and all of these are going to victims of hurricane matthew. it was a really special moment. he didn't do it for the glory, just dropped off all e and then just headed on his way and it just shows the generosity of north carolinians, trying to step up and do whatever they can to help victims in need. you think about the holidays coming up, and there is so much cleaning and costly repairs that have to go into trying to recover and get their lives back on track. this bus will be here until 7:00. we are hoping to fill it to the brim by the time it goes to
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get to the most affected counties, and there is a second bus with rdu. they are hoping it will be the overflow bus, and i think with the generosity of the people here, it will be the case. bill and renee? >> that's a bus with a lot of crunch, lena [laughter] >> reporter: oh, bill. [laughter] >> lena tilllet, sharing great stories about how people are stepping up and helping to fill i love how the owner of carolina kettle chips listened to his mama. his mama saw the need and said, okay. i'm going to bring chips. there you go. let's take a look at our weather scene today, elizabeth. mom says take your jacket if you are heading out the door this morning. a little cool but beautiful. look at that, a blue sky in south hill. nothing but sunshine today and we are checking out the temperatures, starting off a lot of place in the upper 30s and creeping up into the low
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and 44 in roanoake rapids, and temperatures will warm slowly. at lunchtime, still the mid- 50swith highs in the mid to upper 60s this afternoon and with the sunset so early now, 5:00, 61, we are seeing the afternoon temperatures dropping off a bit. around lunchtime in downtown durham, 60 degrees and the high at 67. tomorrow, temperatures will warm up with more clouds and a front that comes through, and interestingly enough behind temperatures warm up for the weekend. i'll show you that coming up in the 7-day forecast in a few minutes. bill? >> elizabeth, thank you very much. and a picture speaks a thousand words and it can lead to big trouble. >> why this selfie could lead
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richard burr, by the numbers: over 20 years in washington: burr voted himself 5 pay raises... took 26 trips paid for by special interests... and his personal net worth increased 500%.
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for richard burr... but he's not working for us, missing 66% of his senate committee hearings, including 65% of armed services hearings. that's richard burr. working for himself, not north carolina. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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the arts come in many forms, literature, dance, music. and our teacher of the week hopes to have her students see all of them. >> yeah. so like light and dark, surgeon and darkness, absolutely. >> reporter: durham school of the arts' amber niles moved here from ohio 13 years ago. >> i lo to be theatrical in the classroom at times and it was bringing the pieces of that into the classroom in ways they may not realize they could. >> reporter: she is realistic and understands that not every teenager loves the arts. >> i love to see them have a passion in some way. i see some that really, really
8:40 am
floor. >> reporter: literature can be a struggle when the students don't love reading as much as she does. >> i try and give them a wide range of choices, and some of them i make them read because they don't know they will enjoy it, and i think giving them background information to help them understand it. >> reporter: she is giving them tools that will stay with them long after they leave. >> to have a student find the righ their life. >> reporter: gerald owens, wral news with our teacher of the week. >> to see all of the honored teachers, go to and search teacher of the week. paypal back on plans to expand to north carolina. >> we'll tell you what the
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there is no limit to what every student in north carolina can learn and achieve. not when we're 44th in per student funding.
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while raising taxes 67 ways on the middle class. it's time to polish up our brand and once more say, "come check out north carolina." hb2 trashed our brand... costing us thousands of jobs.
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that's the song for hillary clinton. she turns 69 today? >> a mantra for a lot of women, "this is my fight song." yep. 69 today? >> uh-huh. >> good for mrs. clinton. donald trump celebrated his 70th. >> that's right. and they will be here in north carolina tomorrow. >> they will be visiting north carolina a lot. >> maybe they'll buy a home here or something. >> we are so important in this election. >> i don't think it's exactly
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>> we have the beach. we have the mountains, waiting for the colors to change. yeah. i think we had nice color in the mountains. really late getting here and we finally started to see cooler temperatures dropping into the 30s, and now temperatures are climbing back into the 40s. the durham skycam showing blue sky that will be with us all day and 41 at the airport and even though it's 8:45 and we have all the sunshine, it still feel chilly when you step outside. the dew point, 40, and it will feel nice and dry and just be a gorgeous october day for us. still looking at 39 in henderson and 40 in chapel hill and south hill. 41 in smithfield and 36 in southern pines, and 41 in fayetteville. it's still cool out there even with the sunshine. positive, cool air in the faded blue contours.
8:45 am
happening to the west, warmer, 53 in st. louis and this warmer comes pushing in, a pool of cool air coming in, a cold front a little over 24 hours ago and will push eastward and today, still on the cooler side, and the cold front will still stay mild. we have a warm front and cool air ahead of it and warm air behind it, and then the cold front will t rain and also not going to drawdown a lot of colder air, either. it will move through with the mixed cloud cover for tomorrow but really, not a whole lot of rain. 67 today and 74 tomorrow and a 20% chance of showers around the evening commute and overnight, it bumps up to 30% for midnight or so and we are talking about maybe .1" or less, not much more than settling the dust.
8:46 am
even there, the chance rain fairly small. a lot of folks go out in the evenings for football friday or out to dinner and the weather looks good for friday evening. 7:00, 64 and 10:00, 57, a good looking football friday. and saturday, a pretty day, much warmer than normal for this time of year. it's fall season is over but you can go out for fall fanfest and win prizes, try your hand in the batting cages, a lot of fun. at 2:00, 80, and on sunday, 83, and monday, halloween and the forecast for trick or treating looks fantastic. we won't have to worry about rain or cold. you won't have to dress up the kids in their coats over their costumes.
8:47 am
9:00, 61. so a nice day for halloween, and tuesday, highs in the mid- 70s. bill? >> thank you, elizabeth. the north carolina general election as you certainly know by now is coming up on november 8. with the state's top office on the ballot we asked candidates to let you know where they stand on important issues. in this message, libertarian candidate lon cecil addresss the governor. i am lon cecil, libertarian candidate for governor. voterssay they want extended choices for online, vocational, charter, and private k-12 education. voters want jobs. economic growth fueled by small businesses can provide services
8:48 am
we may relax regulations and tax burdens, and voters are demanding clean underground water supply. >> to see all position statements by the candidates, go to and search votes. hey, time for another tar heel travelers special. tonight, scott mason takes us on the rails. north carolina has so great stories about trains, model trains and real life historic depots. celebrate railroads tonight at 7:00 on wral. justin timberlake is causing a stir with his actions in the voting booth, posting a a selfie of himself with a ballot encouraging people to vote. the problem is tennessee law
8:49 am
case and if he decides to prosecute, timberlake would be the first person in the state to be prosecuted under the law. we are learning about paypal's doomed deal to expand to north carolina. in march, governor mccrory presented paypal with the oak bowl after announcing plans to open a center in charlotte and add at least 400 jobs but paypal canceled that days after the the state reached out and asked for the bowl back, one of 340 made from an oak tree struck by lightning last year on the capitol grounds. it was given as a welcome gift to companies coming to north carolina. the bowl was auctioned off for an unknown amount. >> my dad and i were exactly alike. >> i see everything. >> my dad and i were nothing
8:50 am
exquisite, and unforgettable. "fun home" won 5 tony awards in 2015. and now it's playing at dpac. former 1998 miss america kate spindle is joining me now. kate, great to have you with us. >> thank you. great to be here. >> reporter: "fun home" centers around a girl named tell us about that. >> allison is played by two actors. i play adult allison. she ask trying to write a book about her life and family. she thinks she will just rifle through photos and draw great images and come up with something, but as she goes through the passage of the show, she finds herself reliving the memories and dealing with her father's death when she was in college.
8:51 am
and then she is drawn deeper and deeper into the challenges of her family's fate. in some ways it's unique and some ways, it's relatable. >> so it's self discovery? >> yes. i think what happens, i was fortunate enough not to be a parent in college but i think what happens is if you don't lose a parent in college, you don't see that in your 20s and 30s, and her father died when she was a freshman in college and the family suggests strongly it was a suicide. so it sounds like a downer of a show but it's an amazing piece of theater. >> what do you think audiences will take away? >> acception of not only family
8:52 am
and people's individual journeys. they may not look like our own but it's important to look around the world and see people. and one of the interesting things when some of my friends in new york found out it was in durham, they wanted to talk about hb 2, and the show, it has lgbt scenes, and they didn't know if it was going to but i am a thinker there are progressive people everywhere, and the impact is just treat people well. >> and "fun home" is the first broadway show -- >> i think there are all kinds of tags that can describe different characters. i think that the best thing to do is see them as whole people.
8:53 am
fascinating human and a great artist. you know, in some ways, it's totally groundbreaking. i am excited about that part of it, and in other ways, i late to sort of -- hate to attach that label. we are all more than just that. >> kate, thank you so much for talking with us about "fun home" on stage at dpac. seats start at $35, and go to for tickets for this amazing musical. kate, thank you. bill? >> renee and kate, thank you so much. a buncombe county woman wanted to teach her husband about spending too much money if you backfired. she wanted to make a point that the lottery tickets were total
8:54 am
scratch-off ticket to teach him a lesson. she did. it won. it was worth $1 million. they opted for the lump sum at $416 after taxes. she plans to buy a home with the money and set up college
8:55 am
em now buck newton wants to be our top law-enforcement officer, but he failed to show up in the state senate. buck missed nearly one out of five votes, more than any senator but one. 10 times, buck was penalized for missing tax deadlines. his business was dissolved. there's too much at stake to make buck newton attorney general.
8:56 am
the time is 8:56. i'm renee chou. >> and i'm bill leslie. and we begin with traffic
8:57 am
we had an accident i-40 at page, and it's long gone but the traffic is taking 9 minutes from wade to 540. it's coming back to normal but the problem is the big backup from south raleigh to west raleigh. we can get a look at the latest sensor readings, a 30 minute ride from 440 to wade and outbound wade is still blocked mess merging back to wade. thank you, brian. and donald trump will appear in charlotte and then in kinston. bill clinton will stop in wilmington, pembrook, and fayetteville. hillary clinton is in florida but will be back in winston- salem tomorrow with michelle
8:58 am
store. certainly is. but we did drop in the upper 30s in many places. but a quick warm up with 47 in rocky mount and erwin and 48 in fayetteville and 46 in clinton. i think those two spots will update to warmer temperatures. 67 this afternoon and more clouds on thursday with a slight chance of showers. renee? >> thank you, elizabeth. local victims of matthew face a crucial
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